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Welcome to the official website of NRF-National Research Forum which is a nonprofit World-class Research organization aims to provide a platform to innovative academicians and researchers in India. The mission of the NRF-National Research Forum is to provide a National stage for graduate research students to collaborate beyond the boundaries of disciplines and nationalities.

The Forum aims to attract the world’s brightest, upcoming scientists and provides an opportunity to showcase world-class education and research.

NRF-National Research Forum organizes Various Conferences and Seminars for all Govt. Universities as well as Other Educational and Research Organizations across the major cities in India as well as in all tie-ups with major universities and Colleges.

NRF organizes National Conferences on the topic of Engineering, Science, Technology, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Social Science, Business Management Etc. NRF is a research unit of PETRUST registered under Govt. of India.

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